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Stormwater runoff can cause local flooding, erosion, and inundate water treatment plants.
By using a variety of earthworks runoff can be calmed, dispersed, and allowed to
soak in on-site, mitigating these situations while establishing habitat,
creating microclimates, and saturating water tables.

Berms & swales are often used in conjunction along contour lines to negotiate runoff toward rain gardens or basins and allow for greater infiltration of water. Vegetation is encouraged on the berms themselves to help stabilize the soil and create more habitat and resources.

This barn has it all, berms to the right keep water running down the hill from flooding the barn, a french drain negotiates water from the front half of the roof to sub-surface irrigate the berm to the left, while a gutter on the back of the barn fills a rain barrel that sits inside the barn for spot watering. An area that had flooding issues and no reliable source or water has now become a viable growing area able to support native and edible gardens. Barn with berms, french drain, and rain barrel
repurposed burlap bags and coffee grounds help create a berm for mitigating strormwater runoff stockton new jersey
Re-purposed burlap bags and coffee grounds
combine with native soil to build this berm that diverts stormwater from flooding a barn to the right of the fence.
The berm running along the fence toward the top of the photograph has already been covered. It has since be planted with meehan's mint, a shade loving ground
cover native that is an alternative to ajuga.

Basins fill up like small ponds but then ideally drain within a few days. When properly sized and placed, basins also help with infiltration and can be used to create different growing conditions such as wet lands, supporting and attracting more biodiversity to the home site.

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