Rain Fed Gardens designs and installs rainwater harvesting systems and native & edible gardens in nj, pa, ma, ny
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Rain Fed Gardens designs, installs, and consults
on the following services:

Native & Edible Garden Design ~ Rain Gardens
Self-Watering Vegetable Gardens ~ Water Gardens
Rain Catchment Systems for Greenhouse Irrigation
Rain Barrels ~ Water Features ~ Earthworks
Gutter Guards ~ Natural Mulch ~ Compost Bins
Stormwater Management ~ Native & Heirloom Trees

When possible Rain Fed Gardens utilizes repurposed materials
Oak Rain Barrel
raised beds thriving with rainwater harvesting via subsurface irrigation in pennslyvania native & edible garden design ~ keyhole garden with wildflower patch irrigated with rainwater harvesting in new jersey
oak rain  barrel, in NJ
Top Right ~ The wooden structure in the top right houses the rain catchment and irrigation system that pumps water to
the stone fountain in the center of the the picture, which subsurface irrigates the raised bed on the bottom left
Middle Left ~ This garden thrives at a weekend home because french drains provide subsurface irrigation to the raised beds when no one is around to water the vegtables
Middle Right ~ A keyhole garden built where an above ground pool used to reside. The roped off area to the right is a wildflower garden that uses the posts of the old pool deck.
Bottom Left ~ An oak barrel rain barrel with built in drain plug. This allows the barrel to remain in place all year long.

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Rain Catchment Systems for Garden and Greenhouse Irrigation ~ Rain Barrels ~ Self Watering Gardens ~ Rain Gardens
Stormwater Management ~  Native & Edible Garden Design ~ Habitat Creation ~ Rain Fed Gardens currently offers design and installation services in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southern New York, and the western half of Massachusetts