Rain Fed Gardens designs and installs rainwater harvesting systems and native & edible gardens in nj, pa, ma, ny
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aesthetic rainwater harvesting using an oak rain barrel with overflow that subsurface irrigates neighboring garden, near riegelsville, pa
Oak Rain Barrels
Both aesthetic & functional

 The overflow is directed towards neighboring gardens or away from the foundation on custom splash blocks
that blend into their surroundings

Our barrels are outfitted with an easy to install/remove drain plug that allows the barrel to stay in place all year
Oak rain barrel frenchtown nj
Active Rainwater Collection
Active rainwater collection systems utilize a pump to provide automated sub-surface irrigation, creating self-watering gardens

The wooden structure in the back is made from
re-purposed deck wood that conceals the collection system.

A timer, relay, pump, valves, and downspout connections, all sit within the structure that encloses a 275 gallon tank.

Water is pumped from the tank underground to
the small stone fountain. The fountain, instead of
recirculating water, drains beneath the raised bed.
Rain catchment system with 275 IBC tote in lambertville new jeresy
rain catchment system in lambertville nj This sub-surface irrigates your garden
which greatly reduces the occurrence of weeds, as well as encourages deeper root growth,
all while using less water. Self-watering gardens
lessen the demand on a low-performing well,
or allow you to grow fresh vegetables
at your weekend home.

 On a full tank this system can water    
the garden for a month without any rain.

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