Rain Fed Gardens designs and installs rain ratchment systems and sub-surface irrigated gardens
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Never water your garden again!

Using french drains, downspouts, and outdoor showers Rain Fed Gardens designs and installs self-watering gardens. Rain Fed Gardens waters raised beds via sub-surface irrigation, this method has many benefits as opposed to traditional surface watering

Active self-watering garden rain catchment system
Conserves water
Promotes deeper root growth
Discourages burrowing rodents
Reduces the occurrence of weeds
Utilizes nutritious rainwater for irrigation

~ An active system that stores rainwater then pumps is beneath the raised bed when rain hasn't fallen recently
Bottom Left ~ An outdoor shower and french drains sub-surface irrigate these raised beds at a a weekend home.
Bottom Right ~ These two raised beds are passively sub-surface irrigated by the gutter and downspout in the background. The outdoor shower on the top right of this photo is used to water nearby fruit trees

Self-watering garden in Riegelsville PA
passive self-watering raised beds

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